Interview: Fashion ONE TV, 4K Channel on cable

I'll admit I'm not really one for video / radio interviews. Believe me I'm usually a lot funnier and animated in real life. Some behind the scene footage and the final images below. Enjoy!

VIKK SHAYEN Photoshoot for Cindy Wei Zhang Studio | PHOTOGRAPHER (English)

CINDY WEI ZHANG Spring Summer 2016 Photoshoot | Photographers (Mandarin with Subtitles)

Brisbane Times Newspaper: MKA Bounty Publicity image Aug 2015

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A dark satire about former Premier Campbell Newman and his anti-bikie laws - in which criminal gang members are forced to fight each other in pink jumpsuits - will debut in Melbourne next month.

Bounty blends recent Queensland political history with Ancient Rome to create an absurd take on radicalisation, vice and moral panic in modern Australia, according to playwright Eric Gardiner.

"It starts from something vaguely resembling reality then quickly delves into this absurd reimagining - what if Campbell made bikies into gladiators in a superjail arena and became a Roman Emperor?" he said.

Fucking Young Magazine - Amxander GEARS Collection

By Adriano B.

Defying classic sartorial styles in the spirit of change, “GEARS”, AMXANDER’s 5th Collection, veers it’s way to the forefront of a menswear revolution. “GEARS” boldly joins the fray with looks inspired by similar rebellious shifts in menswear of the sixties’, the counterculture era otherwise known as the ’Peacock Revolution’.

Key pieces from the collection break staid conventions of masculine etiquette with utilitarian, laid-back and slouchy silhouettes crafted in nontraditional menswear fabrics. Velveteen, linen, texture applications and embroidery textiles supplement cotton blends for a dis- tinct AMXANDER take on contemporary and high-street.

“GEARS” playfully dissects the most iconic and timeless of male accessories – the watch, and reimagines it. The recurring motif of clockwork in various animated states of mechanism express the synergy between form and function as a core idea behind male aesthetics, a concept AMXANDER daringly tears into with our signature take on compelling print – Imagery of gears, chains and joints, typically rugged, are reinterpreted in vivid, hand-embroidered designs.

In that same vein, an unconventional blend of nude and denim hues make up the modernist palette of “GEARS” – a range of shades that is becoming de rigueur for cutting edge style icons, and of course, the AMXANDER man as an unflinching pioneer of change.

First Place, PDN Faces Portrait Competition, Commercial Amateur Category 2013

The image of Sunshine taken at Windsor Hotel won First Place in the PDN Faces Portrait competition in the Commercial / Editorial / Assignment Category. Click HERE to see it.

The image was subsequently published in the October 2013 issue of PDN magazine.

Sunshine identifies as a straight male but cross dresses for fashion shoots on occasion. Done with a day of shooting, I captured this moment where Sunshine washes the make up off his face in the shower.